The Most Exciting Animals to Look Out for on an African Safari

Africa is the best continent to visit when one is looking to have an amazing experience in the wild. Here are some of the animals to look out for when on an African safari.

The African Lion

The lion is commonly referred to as the king of the jungle. Lions prefer hunting during morning and evening hours. It is therefore advisable to visit the National Parks during their hunting hours. It is very easy to differentiate the male and female lions as males have manes.

African Elephant

Elephants move around the jungle in groups. There are two types of African Elephants, Forest Elephants and Savannah Elephants. It is exciting to watch a herd of elephants cross the road just a few metres from your car.


It is not easy to see rhinos in the jungle due to their reduced numbers. Sighting one on an African Safari is, therefore, a treat. It is easier to spot both the Black and Southern White Rhinos in a Rhino sanctuary than in a national park.


It is the fastest land mammal in the world. Cheetahs hunt during the day. Watching a Cheetah on the hunt is one of the best experiences of an African Safari.

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