The Most Popular Pets Around the World

Pets provide companionship to their owners and, in return, pet owners take care of them. Here are some of the most known pets around the globe.


More than 50% of pet owners around the world own a dog. A lot of people love dogs since they act as great companions. Dogs seem to sense when their owner is stressed and provide comfort. Dogs are also easy to train. This makes it easy for one to train their dog to carry out their wishes. Most dog owners also use the company of their dogs when taking morning runs. Dogs also provide security to their owners. Try breaking into a house that has a dog; you will suffer the consequences. People also love dogs since they are fun to play with. There are so many dog breeds, making them a pet type that offers great variety. These breeds are suited for different pet purposes.


Some people love cats due to their ability to hunt mice. Some people use them for only play and companionship. Pet surveys show that more than 30% of pet owners have cats in their homes. Cats are loving animals which are very easy to maintain. There are various breeds of cats in which one can choose from when buying a cat. Maine Coon and Ragdoll are the most loved cat breeds. This is because they are very friendly and love to be cuddled. The popularity of cats as pets has even caused a cat craze on the internet with numerous pictures and videos shared.


About 10% of pet owners rear fish in their homes. Fish require a lot of care from their owners for them to survive. Pet fish lovers should always be ready to go an extra mile for their pet. Fish owners make sure that the fish tanks are always clean and change the water regularly. This is to maintain a conducive environment for the fish. Most fish lovers like rearing goldfish due to their appearance. This type of fish helps in beautifying a home.


A lot of people love birds due to their colours and melodious sounds. Birds are very easy to rear. More than 5% of pet owners in the world rear birds as pets in their houses. Birdcages also add beauty to one’s house.

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