Awesome Blogs for Every Animal Lover

Animal lovers have several ways to meet their needs concerning animals. They can visit animal zones or even read. Between these two, reading is a good option, especially for reading lovers. It is less tiresome since you can read at the comfort of your home. With a good internet connection and a smart device, you can rely on the following animal blogs:

1. The Animal Rescue Site Blog

This blog is based in the United States and has been publishing top animal-related content since 2014. It posts about five posts in a day. The rescue site gives food and care to millions of unwanted animals in the States.</p>

2. The Dodo: for Animal People

The Dodo is a largely-followed animal blog based in New York, with millions of followers. Their post frequency is about four posts a day including stories and videos.

3. NatGeo Wild

NatGeo Wild is a top animal blog that mostly does video posts. Since its establishment in 2010, it has attracted a huge following, and to maintain its lovers, it posts about three adventurous videos weekly.

Other reliable blogs include Animal Planet, PETA, World Animal News, and The Guardian-Animals, among others.

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