SPCA Blue Tick

The SPCA Blue Tick® accreditation is the only 100 percent independent animal welfare accreditation in New Zealand and has been run by SPCA New Zealand since 2001.

Its mission is to drive animal welfare from ‘farm to fork’ in line with the overarching mission of the SPCA to advance the welfare of ALL animals in New Zealand by:

  • Preventing cruelty to animals
  • Alleviating suffering of animals
  • Promoting our policies through education and advocacy

The scheme started by certifying eggs in 2001 and then added pork products, like bacon, ham and sausages in 2009. In 2011, chicken was added followed by turkey standards in 2012. We intend to introduce additional categories to our portfolio due to growing consumer demand.

If you see the SPCA Blue Tick® Certification logo, it means that:

  • It is independent from the food and farming industries. This is because SPCA Blue Tick® is not  in the business of producing farming products nor food
  • The farms are independently audited annually with also unannounced audits. We basically don’t audit our farms ourselves to suit our own agenda, so to speak. The yearly audits are scheduled and the unannounced audits are done at random to ensure our farmers are maintaining our high animal welfare standards all year round, not just on the day our auditors turn up
  • Our standards are compiled by animal welfare experts who know what they are talking about. After consultation with our existing producers, the standards are signed off by our SPCA Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Arnja Dale


As for you consumers, the SPCA Blue Tick® certification logo gives you the assurance that the products you are buying have been farmed to our SPCA’s high animal welfare standards.

We take the opportunity to thank you for your support for purchasing SPCA Blue Tick® approved meat and egg products! With your continued support and by buying SPCA Blue Tick® approved products, more supermarkets will stock these products, resulting in increased demand from Fast Moving Consumer Goods brands wanting their farming products approved SPCA Blue Tick® and ultimately encouraging more farmers to improve their farming practices.


Vote with your wallets and both encourage and reward Kiwi farmers for farming the 'right way'.


For more information about the SPCA Blue Tick® Accreditation, please visit our website.