Education is viewed with the utmost importance within our organisation.  Statistics show that education is the most effective strategy to reduce animal cruelty and to raise awareness about their appropriate care.

Our Empathy Education programmes have been well received throughout the Otago region, with children and adults alike frequently describing the message as informative and thought provoking.

It is widely recognised that many of society's violent offenders started their criminal careers by torturing animals before progressing to acts of violence against humans.  It is also recognised that animal abuse and family violence are closely linked.  As we are an organisation that cares as much about people as we do about animals, we rely heavily on cross-reporting protocols with Child Youth & Family, Women's Refuge and the Police, which has resulted in the mitigation of both human and animal suffering. We firmly believe that by teaching empathy toward animals we play a part in teaching children overall community values, such as kindness and compassion to everyone. This has become one of the SPCA's most important objectives.

SPCA Otago has a dedicated Education Manager who liaises with community groups from kindergarten children to rest home residents; from psychiatric patients to young mums; from groups of volunteers to professional and corporate clubs.  The Education Manager gives informative talks and hosts field visits, often taking tour groups around the SPCA Animal Centre.  Children have the opportunity to become more involved in the SPCA by joining as junior members.  As part of the membership they receive a Junior Membership pack which includes SPCA branded items.

Anyone wishing to organise an educational presentation or a visit to the Animal Centre with a group, please contact SPCA Otago on (03) 4738252.  We would love to help all community groups learn more about our work and gain further knowledge on animal ownership. Click here to download a copy of our Education Brochure.