Animal Welfare

At SPCA Otago, we believe that animals must be treated humanely.  Where humans make use of animals or take ownership of them, they should bestow a level of care befitting human dignity and treat animals as sentient and intelligent beings.  The level of care provided should be marked by sympathy, consideration, compassion and tenderness towards animals.  

SPCA Otago works with the community to prevent cruelty and encourage the humane treatment of all animals.  This means rescuing animals in need, providing medical care, love and shelter for them at our animal centres in Dunedin, Alexandra and Oamaru.  It also means prosecuting people who deliberately harm animals, and working with offenders to ensure that it does not happen again.

Our Inspectorate work, Community Education Programmes and the care and nursing of animals within our Animal Centre are the main functions that we carry out in our fight for fair and just Animal Welfare throughout Otago.