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Kids Fundraising Competition!

Tuesday November 11th, 2014

Send your order in to us by 8.00pm Friday 14th November to be in to win the prize.

Please become SPCA Otago Fundraising Ambassadors and help us by selling our 2015 calendars!

Sell the SPCA Precious Pets 2015 Calendar to your family, friends, neighbours, hobby groups, sports teams, teachers, classmates, youth groups and any other community groups you are involved with.

You could win an awesome prize if you are the one that sells the greatest number of calendars in Otago!

We have attached a photo of the prize pack which consists of:
Free Junior Membership at SPCA Otago for 1 year;
Two awesome books – Beautiful Dogs & Beautiful Cats;
Cool SPCA branded gear – including a pencil case, pens, stickers, lollipops, puzzle, key ring, air-freshener and an SPCA booklet;
A visit to your class by our Education Manager and her two amazing dogs.

Attached you will find the PDF form for you to collect your orders. Fill up the form and return it to SPCA Otago by 14th November 2014 to be in the running for the prize pack.

The calendars are only $10 each. They make great, affordable Christmas presents, so take your order form with you everywhere you go. The proceeds will help the SPCA to take care of the region’s homeless, neglected and injured animals.

Ask a parent or guardian for their help and if you have any questions, please contact Kirsty on 03 4738252, extn 204.

Good luck with your sales and thank you for helping animals in need!

View PDF file

SPCA Annual Appeal Week

Wednesday November 5th, 2014

This week is the SPCA Annual Appeal. We need your help to share #SPCARescueStories and raise $500,000 for animals in need.

Help rescue animals by sharing Muffy's story from our Facebook Page and donating online at, either on this website, or at

This is Muffy. She was rescued by SPCA Inspector Alysha after her owner failed to get her the care she desperately needed. Muffy’s fur had become so severely matted and crusted with mud around her face that you could barely tell she was a dog. She had developed an extremely painful ulcer on her right eye from the fur constantly rubbing her face, and now has a permanent scar on her eye.

Muffy was extremely scared of people and would scream in fear every time she was touched. She was fostered by Alysha who spent 5 weeks rehabilitating her. After several weeks, and a lot of patience, Muffy finally learned to trust, and transformed in to a friendly, bouncy little puppy. She even earned the nickname “Tiny Dancer” as whenever she would get excited she stood up on her back legs and dance.

Muffy has now found a loving new home with Joe and his wife Margaret.

You can help rescue animals like Muffy. Please give generously during our Annual Appeal and support our rescue services. #SPCARescueStories

Your Box of Tricks is their Worst Nightmare!

Wednesday November 5th, 2014

Animals hate fireworks. The loud bangs and piercing whistles hurt their sensitive ears. The bright flashes of light terrify them. They know those fiery devils in the sky can do them harm and it's truly petrifying for them. So please spare your pets the paralysing fear of Guy Fawkes this year. Keep them inside; pull the curtains; distract them with play or treats; turn up the TV or stereo; let them snuggle under your covers with you. Check with your family and friends to ensure their pets are safe and sound too, and ask your neighbours to be considerate of you and your furry family.

It is also timely to be aware of the dangers of fire generally. Flammable items and house fires can be absolutely devastating. Don't forget Demon's Story! (See our previous article on our News page).

SPCA Otago is hoping for a zero incident rate this year. Everyone please be careful and put your pet's safety ahead of all else!

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