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Sibling Special - Scamp & Scoot

Monday May 26th, 2014

Total Tabby Trouble! Lookalike long-hair siblings; Scamp the cheeky wee girl on the left, and her smoochy brother Scoot on the right. These guys are boisterous and fun-loving. A beautiful matching pair! Please take them both home. (Were $300 for the pair, now only $200. Ready at the centre from Thursday 29th)

Sibling Special - Gonzo & Cloud

Monday May 26th, 2014

Gonzo and Cloud are the sweetest girls. Not identical twins obviously, but as close as sisters get nevertheless. They've never been separated and they beg not to be now. Please take the two of them together! (Were $300 for the pair, now only $200)

Sibling Special - Snuggles & Smudge

Monday May 26th, 2014

These gorgeous boys are Smudge and Snuggles. They were abandoned in Broad Bay as youngsters and so they take a few days in a new environment to feel safe and secure. But they love each other dearly and really couldn't do without one another, especially because their favourite pastime is playing soccer with each other. Please give both of them a forever home. (Were $300 for the pair - now only $200!)

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