Help Rescue SPCA Otago!

Posted on 14/07/2016

SPCA Otago has operated effectively from its premises in Opoho Dunedin for almost 70 years. However there is now an urgent need to refurbish the existing dilapidated buildings as we face serious challenges in delivering a consistent level of care to animals in need.  Click here to see video footage of the disrepair.

Like you, we believe that every animal deserves the very best of care.  So we need to upgrade our facility to provide the best outcome for the hundreds of animals whose lives depend on us each and every day.

The upgrade of the Dunedin Animal Centre is a major construction project that will follow the same natural progress as an animal moving through our system:

Part 1 will deliver priority services to incoming animals that arrive at our centre, including veterinary consultation rooms for their immediate sanctuary and initial health check.  This building will also house an improved facility for the education programmes we provide to children and community groups where we teach the virtue of empathy towards animals. 

Part 2 of the project will provide improved quarantine and treatment areas for the incoming sick or injured animals, where they can be cared for in a stress-free, hygienic environment with a first rate disease control programme.

Part 3 of the project will see an extension of the adoption facility that will allow adequate storage of pet food and bedding, keeping it separate from the quarantine areas and further limiting the spread of illness within the centre. The renovation will also ensure more space and comfort for the animals that are patiently awaiting the next phase of their lives. 

Overall the project will deliver a better level of care for all animals coming into our organisation; a greater ability to manage the flow of incoming and outgoing animals whilst controlling the spread of serious disease; a healthier environment for the recuperation and rehabilitation of animals; and better accessibility for the community to visit us for education, volunteer work or adoption. 

You can contribute to the fundraising campaign to help SPCA Otago upgrade its rundown facilities. There are multiple ways to donate, and every little bit helps!


Donate by internet banking to the SPCA Otago bank account 06-0594-0020841-30, and let us know if you would like a receipt.

Donate via the Givealittle page

Make a one-off donation on this website with your credit card  - click here!

Donate by phone – (03) 473-8252 ext 205 on week days to make a credit card donation.

Donate in person at the SPCA Otago centre, 1 Torridon St, Opoho, from 10am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, and 10am to 3pm on Saturday.

Donate by cheque - payable to SPCA Otago.  You can post it to us: FreePost 247533, SPCA Otago, P.O. Box 8018, Dunedin 9041.