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Our core purpose is to care for sick, injured, abandoned and abused animals.  'Lost and Found' pets are not the main role of SPCA Otago, however we understand the heartache of separation and so we take it upon ourselves to help owners find their missing pets.  Every year hundreds of lost cats, kittens, puppies, dogs, rabbits, birds and other animals come into our Animal Centre.  If we think an animal is owned, and therefore missing from home, we want reunite it with its owner as soon as possible.  

If you have lost a pet: please review our list of 'Found' animals in case it is listed there.  If not, please feel free to complete the 'Lost Pet form' on this website to let us know of your missing friend.  As long as you provide full details and a photo, we can post this on our 'Lost Animals' page for the public to see.  Alternatively you may call our Lost and Found line (03 473 8252) to leave a full description and your contact details, which we will record in our office and keep an eye out for the animal should it come in to us.   We also recommend that you check with neighbours by door-knocking or dropping fliers as far as possible around your neighbourhood.  It is not uncommon for pets to get themselves stuck in basements or garages, so ask your neighbours to check for you. There is also a popular local Facebook page called Lost and Found Pets Dunedin where you can upload missing pet information, and a national online service called LPF - Lost Pet Finders, that has lots of advice and resources for these situations. 

The New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR) has good advice on their 'Lost Pets' page, including a link to create free posters.  Even if your pet is not microchipped when it goes missing, it is worth following NZCAR advice.

If you  have found a pet: please review our list of 'Lost' animals in case it is listed there.  You may also download and print this 'Found Pet form', fill in the details and distribute it around your neighbourhood in order to find the animal's owners.  Please refer to our Stray Cat Advice and Stray Dog Advice for more information on what to do with an animal you may have found.  You can also check the dedicated Facebook page Lost and Found Pets Dunedin, and check the online site LPF - Lost Pet Finders.

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