SPCA Otago often needs help fostering animals in need of special attention. There are times when the incoming volume of animals exceeds the outgoing, especially during peak kitten season in summer.  During such times it is necessary to call on external foster carers who can look after cats and kittens and sometimes dogs and pups, in their homes for a few weeks until they are ready to move through the adoption process.  If you have a safe and secure environment for temporarily housing homeless animals on our behalf, you may be able to help animals in this way.

Fostering may involve newborn or very young animals needing several weeks or months of care until they are of age for adoption, or unwell or injured animals requiring a period of convalescence. 

 The usual types of animals requiring help are:

  • Kittens that are approximately 3 – 10 weeks old, which are too small for the adoption process.
  • Orphaned kittens of 1 - 3 weeks that would need hand-reared (i.e. syringe or bottle feeding by experienced persons).
  • Mother cats with newborn or young suckling kittens.
  • Puppies that are approximately 4 – 8 weeks old, which are too small for the adoption process.  (This is fairly uncommon).
  • Young ducklings without mothers (normally in the spring season).
  • Livestock and large animals on rare occasions.


If you feel you could offer an appropriate foster home to animals in need, please pop in to our office to introduce yourself and let us know your situation.  If it's workable we will provide you a Fostering Application Form to fill in so that we have you on our contact list.