The Animal Welfare Act 1999

The Animal Welfare Act 1999 is an Act:—

  • (a) to reform the law relating to the welfare of animals and the prevention of their ill-treatment; and, in particular,—
    • (i) to require owners of animals, and persons in charge of animals, to attend properly to the welfare of those animals
    • (ii) to specify conduct that is or is not permissible in relation to any animal or class of animals
    • (iii) to provide a process for approving the use of animals in research, testing, and teaching
    • (iv) to establish a National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee and a National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee:
    • (v) to provide for the development and issue of codes of welfare and the approval of codes of ethical conduct:
  • (b) to repeal the Animals Protection Act 1960

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