Stray Dog Advice

Healthy stray dogs are the responsibility of your local council dog control.  We are not able to intervene unless the dog is sick or injured. If you have a stray dog on or around your property, please contact your local dog control.  Council services include animal control, lost and found services, registration information, help with problem animals, and noise control.  (Please note that SPCA Otago is not able to assist if you have a barking dog in your neighbourhood).

If you intend to assist the Council with finding a stray dog's owners, please feel free to download and print our Found Pet form, to distribute in your neighbourhood.

When any contravention of the Dog Control Act 1996 (Section 52 (1)(2) of the Act) occurs, the dog may be impounded in a dog pound in accordance with this Act.

If you have been notified or believe that your dog is in the pound you will need to:

  • Go to the DCC (or relevant council) Customer Services Centre to view pound photos and confirm the identity of your dog.
  • Pay the release fees at the Customer Services Centre and take your receipt with you to pick up your dog. 
  • Your dog may need to be microchipped, registered or desexed before it can be released. Your Council Customer Services Centre will discuss this with you when you make contact.

Please note:  SPCA Otago is not "The Pound".  Dunedin City Council and other Otago town councils run their own pound facilities.