Animal Advice

The team at SPCA Otago care about all animals, whether they are stray, homeless or well-loved pets living happily at your home.  As such we want to ensure that pet owners are equipped with knowledge about how to best care for their animals.  Whilst we do not have a veterinary clinic on site, we have do have a part-time Veterinarian as well as knowledgeable Animal Attendants and Veterinary Nurses who will do their best to answer any questions you may have about your pet.  If you are concerned about an animal's health or behaviour, you are welcome to call us or drop in and discuss the situation.  We are happy to listen and give advice where possible and we will be able to tell you whether a veterinary consultation will be necessary, depending on your situation.  

Please follow the applicable link on the left for specific advice on a particular type of animal.  If you need more information, please call us on (03) 473 8252.  We also know of vets that specialise in certain species, so we can refer you on to an expert if required.