Welcome to the Otago SPCA. Our role is to make sure that all animals in Dunedin and the Otago region are being looked after properly. We offer a haven for animals in need and adoption opportunities for the community. We appreciate your interest and support.

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The Handsome and Cheeky Sampson
Thursday July 24th

Meet Sampson! He's the biggest personality we've seen around here in a long time and we'll miss him when he goes, but he desperately needs to find a home where he can live permanently and rule the roost!

When Sampson was a tiny kitten he was really sick, and had an infection which resulted in his eyes being swollen shut for almost two weeks. Thanks to some great vet care and kind nursing by his foster family, he eventually started feeling better. His eyes are still a little sensitive and may always be - they tend to weep a bit sometimes, but a quick wash with warm salty water seems to clear them up. He is great company because he is such a character and has a "cheeky child" personality. He's looking forward to finding a family he can call his own and you definitely won't be disappointed in taking this guy home!

If you're fast you can pick him up for half the normal adoption price. I.e. only $65 for him, his microchip, vaccination, desexing procedure, flea and worm treatment, and we'll even throw in a free carry cage! Be in quick!

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