Welcome to the Otago SPCA. Our role is to make sure that all animals in Dunedin and the Otago region are being looked after properly. We offer a haven for animals in need and adoption opportunities for the community. We appreciate your interest and support.

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Meet the gorgeous Ty
Wednesday February 25th

Ty needs a paddock and home that will let him live out his years in peace and company. Ty is a 19 year old gelding, he has the occasional problem with his hooves but that can be managed by regular farrier visits. He isn't suitable for riding, but his quiet and affectionate nature makes him perfect as a paddock pal or house pet. Horses require a lot of care, attention and equipment, for this reason SPCA Otago is looking for an experienced owner prepared for his ongoing needs. His adoption will be free, all you need is to transport him from Portobello to his new loving home.
If you’re interested in Ty, please contact Grace on 03 4738252 ext 202.

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