Welcome to the Otago SPCA. Our role is to make sure that all animals in Dunedin and the Otago region are being looked after properly. We offer a haven for animals in need and adoption opportunities for the community. We appreciate your interest and support.

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Fire Safety Warning
Monday October 20th

With the fiery occasion of Guy Fawkes approaching, we want to remind everyone of the dangers of incendiaries, flammable materials and fire in general. Please, please - keep your pets safe from blazes and situations where accidental combustion could cause painful injuries. Ruthless flames are not selective in what they burn; fire does not discriminate; it will harm and potentially kill your best friend very swiftly. Let us tell you a heart-wrenching story....

This beautiful boy knows only too well the danger of fire. Three years ago he was trapped in a house fire that was caused by his young puppy friend Sultan chewing on a mobile phone while nobody was home. The battery acid from the phone sadly killed the puppy and ignited a fire that set both the home and poor Demon alight. Although the accident was discovered before the flames could fully claim Demon, he was well ablaze and significantly injured. Since then he has undergone a long and painful recovery period and is still working through various issues and rehabilitation. You can follow Demon's full story on his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/demonsstory13

Demon is a spirited fighter and determined survivor. His wonderful and dedicated owners have worked tirelessly for 3 years to save his life, ease his pain and bring him enjoyment and happiness, despite the difficulties. The emotional and actual costs have taken their toll. If you can help Demon and his parents, even with a few dollars for medical bills, please use the following Trust Fund to give a donation.

BNZ Dunedin University branch
Gardens Veterinary Clinic
Account number 02-0929-0120431-00
Client number 26667

Or check out Demon's Give A Little page: http://www.givealittle.co.nz/member/Demon13

Please carefully consider your pets this Guy Fawkes and at all times they may be at risk from house fire or other blazes!


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